Traditional & Natural Paints

Traditional Buildings require Traditional Paints, especially ones that "Breathe".  We at Potmolen Paint specialise in providing the traditional coatings and paints, with their associated products that are required in the maintenance of our Building Heritage.  Distemper, Linseed Oil Paint, Lime Putty [required for lime-washing], Gold Leaf, Pigments, Brushes and Tools are only some of the many products we stock.  Though we specialise in coatings and paints for traditional buildings, we have not forsaken modern buildings or technology.  Our associations keep abreast of advancements in modern technology and science, thus we have products suitable for most buildings.

About Us

 Potmolen Paint was founded in August 1982 driven by the need to source high quality coatings to protect buildings both ancient and modern.  We aim to supply the most suitable product for each individual job and pride ourselves in taking the time to discuss your coating needs before you make a purchase.  We supply a wide range of paints both traditional and modern along with many specialist brushes, tools and associated products.  The application of the products we supply range from the fine arts to architectural and are used widely in the conservation of Britain's heritage.

Many of our products are manufactured from natural renewable resources based on knowledge passed down over the generations.  Prior to the industrialisation of the paint industry and the move to petro-chemical derived paint products most paints were produced from natural materials.

Our family has been protecting the Country's Heritage for over 250 years, we are therefore able to offer genuine advice based on our building expertise, together with specialist craft and conservation knowledge. (We regret that we are obliged to charge consultation fees and expenses when we visit sites throughout the country).