Traditional & Natural Coatings

Linseed oil paints, varnishes, distemper wall paint and natural emulsions, plus many more products. 

Brushes & Tools

We stock a wide range of brushes and tools for painting and decorating, including professional painter's brushes, artist and signwriting brushes.

Waxes & Oils

Natural waxes such as beeswax, carnauba wax, liquid and paste waxes, linseed oils, tung oil, Danish oil, decking oils and more. 

Gilding & Graining

Gold leaf, gesso (natural and synthetic), agate burnishers, gilding wax, gold size, graining combs, brushes etc.

Adhesives & Gums

Pearl glue, fish glue, rabbit skin glue, casein and other glues.  Gum Arabic, Damar, rosin and gelatine. 

Lime Products

Lime putty for making mortar and limewash both internal and external, available tinted to B.S. colours. 

Glazes & Shellacs

Scumble glazes, black polish, brush polish, button polish, French polish, Garnet polish, white polish, shellac flakes and filler sticks.

Paint Removers

Peelaway poultice paint and varnish removal system, Langlow paint removers, caustic soda, varnish removers and tools etc.  

Other items

Brushmate brush storage system, brush cleaner, sugar soap, wallpaper stripper, fungicidal wash, iron paste, rottenstone etc. 

Product List 

By Brand.


Wood Wax 2.5ltr
Wood Wax 750ml
Wood Wax 375ml
Wood Wax 125ml
Sample Sachets 5ml
Woodwax Opaque (old colours) 750ml
Woodwax Opaque (old colours) 375ml
Woodwax Opaque (old colours) 125ml
Country Colour 750ml
Country Colour 125ml
One Coat HS+ 2.5ltr
One Coat HS+ 750ml
One Coat HS+ 375ml
One Coat HS+ 125ml
Polyx Oil 750ml
Polyx Oil Tints 750ml
Polyx Oil Tints Gold/Silver 750ml
Natural Oil Woodstain 2.5ltr
Natural Oil Woodstain 750ml
Natural Oil Woodstain 125ml
Natural Oil Woodstain Onyx/Silver 750ml
Fence & Garden Stain 2.5ltr
Fence & Garden Stain 750ml
WR Basecoat Aqua 750ml
Decking Oil 750ml
Anti-slip Decking Oil 750ml
Oil Stain 1ltr
Oil Stain 125ml
Door Oil 1ltr
Top Oil 500ml
UV Protection Oil 750ml
Maintenance Oil 1ltr
Uviwax Clear (Int) 750ml
Wash & Care 1ltr
Liquid Wax Cleaner 1ltr
Liquid Wax Cleaner 500ml
Easy Wax Care (10 sachet) Box
Repair Kit Refill Box
Gard Clean 1ltr
Wood Reviver 500ml
End Grain Sealer 375ml
Paint Remover 750ml
Exterior Sealer 310ml
Gap Sealer 310ml
Wood Filler 250g
Brush 100mm
Brush 80mm
Brush 60mm
Brush 25mm
Oriel Mix Brush 60mm
Oriel Mix Brush 25mm
Furniture Pads Pack


Spirit Wood Dye 1ltr
Spirit Wood Dye 250ml
Floor Board Filler 1ltr
Scratch Cover 250ml
Clear French Polish 250ml
Liquid Wax 125ml
Finish Reviver 125ml
Sanding Sealer 500ml
Knotting 1ltr
Jade Oil 500ml
Rust Remover 125ml
Clear Metal Laquer 125ml
Blackboard Paint 250ml
Heat Resistant Black Paint 250ml
Stove Black 250ml
Stove Black 125ml
Bitumen Black 500ml
Hidden Heat (Radiator Paint) 250ml
White Radiator Enamel 250ml
Brick & Tile Paint, Red 500ml
Brick & Tile Paint, Red 250ml
Red Oxide Metal Primer 500ml
Red Oxide Metal Primer 250ml
Galvanised Metal Primer 250ml
Waterborne Ceramic Glaze, Clear 1ltr
Waterborne Ceramic Glaze, White 1ltr
Gold Size 5ltr
Brush Cleaner & Thinner 500ml
Cellulose Thinner 500ml
Teak Oil 250ml
Plastic Floor Coating Set
Strypit, Paint Remover 500ml
Strypit, Paint Remover 250ml
Plastic Coating Thinner 5ltr

Royal Talens

Rembrandt Oil, Series 1 40ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 1 150ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 1 200ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 2 40ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 2 200ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 3 40ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 3 200ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 4 40ml
Rembrandt Oil, Series 5 40ml
Rembrandt Pastel Stick, Series A Single
Rembrandt Pastel Stick, Series B Single
Rembrandt Pastel Stick, Series C Single
Rembrandt Soft Pastel Set: 15x 1/2 pastels Set
Rembrandt Soft Pastel Set: 30x 1/2 pastels Set
Rembrandt Carré Pastel Set of 12 Set
Pastel Blending Set
Rembrandt Pastels Wooden Box - 45 Full Size Pastels Set
Rembrandt Wooden Pastel Box (to hold 45 Full Size Pastels) Empty Box
Cobra Oil, water thinnable 40ml
Cobra Oil, Oil Colour Brush Set Series 215 (No. 10-16) Set
Cobra Oil, Colourless Gloss Varnish (spray can) 400ml
Amsterdam Oil 227 200ml
Amsterdam Oil 20ml
Rembrandt Acrylic, Series 1 40ml
Rembrandt Acrylic, Series 2 40ml
Rembrandt Acrylic, Series 3 40ml
Rembrandt Acrylic, Series 1 150ml
Rembrandt Acrylic, 205 Lemon Yellow 500ml
Rembrandt Acrylic, 6 tube set Set
Rembrandt Gouache, Standard Colours 20ml
Rembrandt Gouache, Standard Colours 50ml (jar)
Rembrandt Gouache, Gold/Silver 20ml
Rembrandt Gouache, Gold/Silver 50ml (jar)
Rembrandt Gouache, Standard Colours 250ml
Taleta Gouache  750ml
Taleta Gouache, Reflex Colours  16ml
Taleta (Potmolen) 250ml
Taleta (Potmolen) 1ltr
Rembrandt Waters Colours, Series 1 1/2 pan
Rembrandt Waters Colours, Series 2 1/2 pan
Rembrandt Waters Colours, Series 3 1/2 pan
Rembrandt Waters Colours, Series 4 1/2 pan
Rembrandt Water Colour Boxed Set 10 tube
Rembrandt Water Colour Boxed Set 12x 1/2 pan
Rembrandt Water Colour Luxury Pocket Box (with Brush) 12x 1/2 pan
Van Gogh Water Colour Pocket Box & Brush 12x 1/2 pan
Series 388 Bristle Spalter (w/o/a) 3"
Series 360 Talens Varnish Brush 3"
Series 362 Chungking Spalter 3"
Series 385 Badger Hair Spalter (oil) 3"
Series 385 Badger Hair Spalter (oil) 2"
Series 385 Badger Hair Spalter (oil) 1"
Black Ox Hair Spalter (w/o/a) 3"
Van Gogh 370 Selected Filament (Flat) 3"
Painting Knife 3004
Painting Knife 3005
Painting Knife 3007
Painting Knife 3008
Painting Knife 3009
Painting Knife 3010
Painting Knife 3011
Painting Knife 3012
Painting Knife 3013
Painting Knife 3014
Painting Knife 3015
Painting Knife 3016
Painting Knife 3017
Painting Knife 3018
Painting Knife 3019
Painting Knife 3021
Painting Knife 3022
Painting Knife 3023
Painting Knife 3025
Painting Knife 3026
Painting Knife 3027
Painting Knife 4017


Rubbol DSA Thix, Black 1ltr
Rubbol EPS. Black 1ltr
Rubbol AZ, Aluminium 1ltr
Rubbol Satura, Black 1ltr
Rubbol Satura, Base 70 (Yellow) 1ltr
Rubbol DSA, Base 70 (Yellow) 1ltr
Cetol BL Unitop, Clear Interior Satin 1ltr
Cetol TGX Gloss, 009 (Dark Oak) 1ltr
Cetol TGX Gloss, 010 (Walnut) 1ltr
Cetol TGL Plus, 045 (Mahogany) 1ltr
Cetol TGL Plus, 77 (Pine) 1ltr
Cetol TGL Plus, 085 (Teak) 1ltr
M600 Thinner 1ltr
Sikkens Solvent 5ltr

Earthborn & Brushmate

Ecopro Matt Emulsion, White 10ltr  
Ecopro Matt Emulsion, White 5ltr
Ecopro Matt Emulsion, Colours 5ltr
Lifestyle Emulsion 5ltr
Lifestyle Emulsion 2.5ltr

Silicate Masonry Paint, White 5ltr
Silicate Primer 10ltr
Silicate Primer 1ltr

Claypaint   5ltr
Claypaint   2.5ltr
Claypaint   750ml
Claypaint   125ml
Eco Chic 750ml
Wall Glaze 750ml
Isolating Primer 750ml 
Multi Purpose Primer 750ml

Eggshell 17 2.5ltr
Eggshell 17 750ml
Eggshell, White (original) 750ml
Eggshell (original) 100ml

Wood Filler 500g
Furniture Wax 400ml
Volvox Woodsoap 1ltr
Volvox Filler 2kg
Wallpaper Paste 100g

Brushmate Fluid 250ml
Andy Sandy Set Set
Trade 4+ Box
Vapour Mate Pad (4+) Single
Brush Clips 4
Can Handle Single
Roller Box


Spirit Wood Dye 1ltr
Spirit Wood Dye 250ml
Palette Dye (Water Thinnable) 500ml
Palette Dye (Water Thinnable) 250ml
Knotting 250ml
Easy French Polish 1ltr
Special Pale French Polish 1ltr
Special Pale French Polish 500ml
Garnet Polish 500ml
Garnet Polish 250ml
Button Polish 500ml
Sanding Sealer 500ml
Burnishing Cream 1ltr
Grain Filler 250ml
Leather Cream 150ml
White Polish 250ml
Wood Bleach 500ml
Floor Wax 1ltr
Stone Floor Wax 2.5ltr
Stone Floor Wax 1ltr
Stone Floor Sealer 1ltr
Floor Protector 1ltr
Kitchen & Bathroom Varnish 1ltr
Worktop Finish & Seal 500ml
Worktop Finish & Seal 250ml
High Resistance Floor Varnish 2.5ltr
High Resistance Floor Varnish 750ml
Natural Finish Floor Varnish 2.5ltr
Floor Sealer 1ltr
Extreme Varnish 2.5ltr
Floor Oil 1ltr
Danish Oil (Superior) 1ltr
Danish Oil (Superior) 500ml
Danish Oil (Superior) 250ml
Finishing Oil 1ltr
Finishing Oil 500ml
Tung Oil 1ltr
Tung Oil 500ml
Tung Oil 250ml
Raw Linseed Oil 5ltr
Raw Linseed Oil 1ltr
Raw Linseed Oil 500ml
Raw Linseed Oil 250ml
Boiled Linseed Oil 500ml
Boiled Linseed Oil 250ml
Teak Oil 1ltr
Teak Oil 500ml
Teak Oil 250ml
Iron Paste 250ml
Liquid Beeswax 1ltr
Liquid Beeswax 500ml
Black Bison Neutral Wax Polish (Lqd) 1ltr
Black Bison Wax Polish   500ml
Liming Wax 500ml
Verdigris Wax 250ml
Garden Funiture Cleaner 1ltr
Wax & Polish Remover 250ml
Rust Remover 125ml
Wax Filler Sticks 50g
Shellac Filler Stick Pack
Gilt Filler Sticks 25g
Gesso 50ml
Gilt Varnish 250ml
Gilt Varnish 30ml
Van Dyke Crystals 1kg
Van Dyke Crystals 500g
Pearl Glue 1kg
Lemon Shellac Flakes 250g
Button Shellac 250g
Pummice 3/0 500g
Pummice 6/0 500g
Flat Lacquer Ox Hair Brush 18mm
Flat Lacquer Ox Hair Brush 35mm
Flat Lacquer Ox Hair Brush 50mm
Pigment, Bitumen Black 1kg
Pigment, Van Dyke Brown 1kg
Paraffin Wax 500g
Steel Wool, 0000 grade 250g
Steel Wool, 00 grade 250g
Steel Wool, 0 grade 250g
Steel Wool, 1 grade 250g
Steel Wool, 4 grade 250g
Cotton Rags 500g
Cotton Rags 1kg
Cotton Waste 300g
Cotton Waste 1kg
Tack Cloth single

Wrights of Lymm

Liner Quill, Lark (sbl)
Liner Quill, Crow (sbl)
Liner Quill, Small Duck (sbl)
Liner Quill, Duck (sbl)
Liner Quill, Large Duck (sbl)
Liner Quill, Small Goose (sbl)
Liner Quill, Goose (sbl)
Liner Quill, Large Goose (sbl)
Liner Quill, Small Swan (sbl)
Liner Quill, Swan (sbl)
Sable Mix Quill Liner   Duck
Sable Mix Quill Liner (wired) Small Swan
Sable Mix Quill Liner (wired) Swan


Mars Black Pigment 1kg
Red Ochre Pigment 1kg
Red Ochre Pigment 500g
Pozzuoli Red Pigment 1kg
Burnt Umber Pigment 1kg
Burnt Sienna Pigment 1kg
Venetian Red Pigment 500g
Terre Vert Pigment 500g
Cobalt Blue Pigment 50g
Cerulean Blue Pigment 50g
Translucent Red Oxide 250g
Casein Lactic 1kg


Shed & Fence, Urban Grey 5ltr
Shed & Fence, Evergreen 5ltr
Creosolve, Light Brown 4ltr
Creosolve, Dark Brown 4ltr
Pure Gum Turpentine 250ml
Pure Gum Turpentine 500ml
Methylated Spirit 500ml
Methylated Spirit 5ltr


White Spirit 2ltr
White Spirit 750ml
Abicide (Fungiciadal Wash) 1ltr
Boiled Linseed Oil 500ml
Strip Away 15kg
Peelaway Neutraliser 1ltr


Distemper White 5ltr
Scumble Glaze 1ltr
Scumble Glaze 250ml
Linseed Oil Gloss 2.5ltr
Linseed Oil Gloss 1ltr
Linseed Oil Gloss 250ml
Linseed Oil Primer 2.5ltr
Linseed Oil Primer 1ltr
Linseed Oil Satin 2.5ltr
Linseed Oil Satin 1ltr
Linseed Oil Satin 250ml
Linseed Oil High Gloss 2.5ltr
Linseed Oil High Gloss 1ltr
Linseed Oil High Gloss 250ml
Linseed Yacht Varnish 1ltr
Linseed Spatchel Filler 410g
Floor Laquer 2.5ltr
Floor Laquer 1ltr
Schoolhouse Wax 2.5ltr
Schoolhouse Wax 1ltr
Schoolhouse Wax Extra 2.5ltr
Schoolhouse Wax Extra 1ltr
Beeswax Paste 2.5ltr

Gum Arabic 250g
Gum Damar 1kg
Rottenstone 1kg
Transparent Shellac
Shellac Flakes
Rabbit Skin Glue
Copperas Blue
Van Dyke Crystals
Stockholm Tar 250ml
Stockholm Tar 1ltr
Stockholm Tar   2.5ltr
Stockholm Tar   5ltr