Potmolen Paint /  Products / Artist Materials

Artist's Oil Paints

Royal Talens artist's oil paints.  Rembrandt and Van Gough. 

Artist's Acrylic Paints

Royal Talens artist's acrylic paints. 


Royal Talens artist's stretched canvases and canvas boards.


Royal Talens artist's watercolour half pans.

Artist's Pocket Boxes

Royal Talens water colour sets and boxes.

Artist's Pastels

Royal Talens Rembrandt Soft Pastels. 

Artist's Gouache

Royal Talens Gouache, Designers' Colour, Extra Fine. 

Painting Knives

Royal Talens palette knives for oil and acrylic paints.  Solid wood handles. 

Artist's Palettes

Royal Talens palettes; wood, metal and tear-off versions. 

Artist's Brushes

Pro Arte and Royal Talens brushes.

Artist Sundries

Royal Talens oils, varnishes, siccatives and accessories.

Artist Paper & Boards

Papers and boards for pastels and watercolour.